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The von Wolf Family

Last Updated: April 2022

~ If you live on our sim, your area is yours. You must invite others to visit.

~ All areas are on the teleport system. If it has someone's name on the area that is a home.

   Check before visiting. It is up to you to make your LM in your inventory to get back to places you like!

~ As a von Wolf you are allowed to use it in your display name.

~ If you marry as a von Wolf it is now tradition the wedding kiss must be done standing on a rock!

(Smaller Person stands on a rock!)

~ Christmas Decoration can not go up before November 12th. Lest we forget.

~ Leon is banned from becoming pregnant.

~ Remember the little things matter so much, and a moment can change a lifetime.

~ Do not cam people in their areas.

~ Do not go into build areas without the builders permission and NEVER bring anyone into them outside the family.

~ If you live on the land, make sure you have a security orb(call Leon) and that your furniture is set to 'group only' if it is ADULT. NOTE all orbs are set to group access, this means if you tag a friend, know them well! You can all give out tags, but if you need them removed speak to a Alpha or Beta.

~ Pranking each other is great! Pranks have to stay up for at least 48 hours so everyone can enjoy them. Unless it is harming the function of the sim!

~ We love pictures! We want all the pictures from ALL branches of the family that they want to share. You can leave these in the  alpha mailbox located in the church. We would like to add them to our picture frames around the sim.

~ The landing point is always decorated for the season. No tag is required to be there, and this can be used for events (family or public), friends, and meeting people you do not know well enough to bring to your home. There is a game area up there as well.

~ The public landing point (our teleport redirect goes there) is for anyone and everyone. It is meant to be PG however! There will be random public events there throughout the year. You are welcome to take part in them always or even plan your own. Just make sure you let us know!

Also Family activities for the current week are in the calendar. If you need something added let Aydan or Creed know. There is also a calendar in the Church.

􀀀Our Church is the family info center, for all branches. If you want to find out how your family is, check the book on the altar. Click the pictures for more info on that person. All gifts for our family are there. Our rules, lore, updates, calendar, and our easy to teleport to family places on and off sim are all there for easy access. 

There are many types of people in our family. As family we accept everyone for who they are, unless they are hurting themselves and even then we stand by them although they will get our opinion stated respectfully.

Our family will always defend and protect each other.

Race, Religion, Gender Identity, Species, Sexual preferences, should never be used against a member of this family, and prejudices will not be tolerated.

Yes, some people wear collars here. If you are curious, ask them. No one has the right to question a Dom (unless they are doing grave abuse, then contact a family head).

Any issues between family, take it to a family head before it gets out of control, or add a notecard to the mailbox.

Being a family does not require constant hand holding, and people’s real life will not be used against them vs the time they have in second life. This is not a measurement of how much they do or do not care about the rest of the family.

We have discord! you can use it to text, voice or get the latest whatever. Ask for an invite.

We have calendars located all over (if you would like a copy let us know).

We have a general email to Aydan and Creed

We have a teleport HUB located in the church for family places only. There are also pad teleporters laying around too. 

We have a public teleport for our stores and people we support at the landing point. (Leave a request for anything added to family or public teleporter in our mailbox).

Access to the building area is given to other builders upon asking.

We ask for a single picture of every family member and at least 1 group spot open for the family group. 

We do not kick family members UNLESS they have done some grave offense.

****Current Groups family is in:****

Ebon Askavi Kindred ~ von Wolves OOC/home

Von wolf Clan~ Bloodlines Clan

Ebon Askavi Kindred Army ~ Bloodlines War

**** von Wolf Children/any child on our sim****

Rules of SL children:

There are two types of forever children(will never shift to adults) and shifter babies (do play adults as well child rules only apply when they are child form.) Should add there are animal pups/cubs which would fall into the TOS as children as well.

IF you are on a child avatar:

You will only use PG furniture and items made for children via TOS.

 ~note if someone wants the kids hanging in their area Aydan, Elle, Creed can place furniture there for them to 'chill'.

Children cannot ever be put into sexual situations.

Treat them as you would a real child.

Yes there are children with LIFE HUD, BLOODLINES, and a few other HUDs.

All children are free to roam the sim. Avoid ADULT items. Please check first!

Our children should be kept protected, cherished and loved.

If there is a problem with a child, contact their parents, or the heads of this family ASAP.

~ side note, please set your kids yuss nuu huds/parent helper to a home location (like their rooms) in case they are afk or something happens where they need to be sent home. (Most children have multi family on those huds). If the sim is being reset please tp them with you and then send them back when the sim has come back up! (like afkers or in-game sleepers).

~ this group changer is great! All children at least should have it (although good for adults too) If your child is afk and you bring them home it will change their tag so you can sit them or pick them up here!

~if you need anything added let Aydan or Creed know! ~

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