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Our Servers

7 Days To Die

How to play with us:

Step 1: Make sure you have 7 days to die downloaded and you downgrade the version to Alpha 20.7 by right clicking the game and clicking properties and betas and selecting that version.


Step 2: You will need to download and install the 7 days to die mod launcher by clicking here


Step 3: Open the mod launcher and switch the version to Alpha20. You'll see a list of available mods for that version. Click Undead Legacy Stable and install it.


Step 4: After clicking install, the launcher will download and install all necessary files. Once done, you will be all ready to play. Click "Play" and if a window pops up, click confirm.


Step 5: Your game should now be opened or currently opening. Once open, click join. It may make you create a character first, or you can select a premade one. Once done, click join again and you'll be taken to the server list. Click on Connect to IP at the bottom and then input our server details!

IP:Port =

Password = wolf2242

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